Recycling bin FinBin Ellipse Series

Recycling bin FinBin Ellipse Series

The shape of Ellipse represents the most innovative design in the FinBin® Litter Bin Series – and the most FinBin® fastening alternatives can be used! This award-winner was designed by Max Bruun. The precisely measured shape and size of the aperture keeps the rain and birds out. The hinged door opens sideways, at the same time removing the top providing free access for maintenance. Ellipse 60 and 100 can be equipped with a cigarette disposal unit. The ashtray is placed on top of the litter bin for easy access. The ash container is made in stainless steel and can be emptied by opening the front door and unhooking the container from its hook. Solid and durable, Ellipse bins are supplied in stainless steel or powder coated galvanised steel.

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010849 Ellipse 60 in the park

Ellipse Series

  • Suitable for external or internal use
  • Ideal for a wide range of internal waste recycling solutions
  • Lock included and steel liner
  • Available with ashtray

Ellipse 60_sst_ground post          Ellipse 100_open        Ellipse 100_profile


Models Ellipse 60 Ellipse 100
Dimensions 450x350x710mm 450x350x900mm
Height with base 930mm 960mm
Capacity (Lt) 40Lt 56Lt
Weight 20kg 31kg
Material Galvannealed steel*
Bin liner Steel
Ashtray Optional
Colors Stainless steel, metallic black
Thickness 2mm

*The material used for the construction of FinBins is Galvannealed steel. Galvannealed steel goes through additional processing which vastly improves its formability and paint adhesion, as opposed to galvanized steel. In general galvannealed steel:

  • has longer life of painted products
  • more efficient forming and punching
  • reduced welding costs
  • good corrosion resistance

The process of making :  


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