Compostable Bags

Compostable Bags

Compostable bags are an environmentally friendly waste management solution. They allow us to keep both the kitchen caddy and the largest collection bins in the municipality, clean.

All of our compostable bags come from renewable agricultural sources. The main material is MaterBi. Their main feature is that they are compostable, meaning they are naturally decomposed by biodegradation processes, thus reducing the volume of waste without releasing pollutants. They come with OK-Compost certification and are fully compostable in large management units. Some smaller sizes also come with OK -Compost HOME certification and can even be composted in home compost bins. They are fully harmonized with European standard EN 13432.



  • Keep the bins clean
  • Less odors
  • Less mold
  • Less insects


Our compost bags are available in various sizes:


VENTIMAX BAG      350mm x 420mm  15μm
10L star bottom      410mm x 450mm 15μm
20L star bottom      410mm x 540mm 15μm
30L star bottom      500mm x 600mm 16μm
50L star bottom      600mm x 940mm 16μm
80L      820mm x 1050mm 16μm
120L-150L      870mm x 13200mm 16μm
240L      1130mm x 1390mm 16μm
T-shirt small      25+12mm x 38+12mm 18μm
T-shirt big      30+15mm x 43+12mm 20μm



Color Colorless – white or light green
Material Corn starch with MatterBi
Seams The seam weld is located at the bottom of the bag and it is star-shaped to guarantee the product’s tightness and durability.
Endurance It guarantees the preservation of mechanical properties and properties
water permeability at ambient temperature during all
phases of use for a period of at least 4 hours
Logo One-color logo on the the one side of the bag (brown or green).
Bag closure With the upper part of the bag
Packaging Rolls of 25
Certification Home Compost: suitable for home composting

OK Compost: suitable for in-vessel composting


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