Bottle Crusher BB01 Baby Jaws

Bottle Crusher BB01 Baby Jaws

Bottle Crusher BB01

Winner of the Gulfood Award 2014 for the most innovative catering equipment. BB01 allows staff to crush bottles directly at the bar. The reduction of the volume is approximately 80% and its bin can take around 90 bottles.

  • Reduces bottle volume by 5:1
  • Allows staff to concentrate on providing excellent customer service instead of moving bottle bins throughout the bar.
  • Low noise operation and energy efficient.
  • Mobile for ease of movement.
  • All the glass is recycled and reprocessed back into bottles.

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  • Height      840mm
  • Width       600mm
  • Depth       600mm
  • Weight     106 kg
  • Noise level       65 db
  • CE certified, ISO 9001


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