BIOCOMPO 500/900

BIOCOMPO 500/900


BIOCOMPO is a 500 or 900 liter garden compostert made of recycled or new polypropylene. Special treatment for increased resistance to sunlight and weather conditions. High quality material for long life.
It has a large lid with lock for easy loading of the material and 2 doors for extraction of the ready compost. Option for 4 compost extraction doors.
BIOCOMPO has a number of holes on all four sides for proper ventilation of the material. Pyramidal design imparts increased strength, stability and more efficient composting.



Specifications 500 lt

  • Dimensions 1018*1018*844 mm.
  • Weight 12 Kg.
  • Capacity 500 lt.
  • Easy assembly
  • Available spare parts.
  • Large lid with lock.
  • 2 or 4 compost collection doors.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • New polypropylene green color.
  • Recycled by 80 % black color.

biocompo IKBI900 - wzory kolorow-min

Specifications 900 lt

  • Dimensions 1146*1146*1165 mm.
  • Weight 15 Kg
  • Capacity 900 lt


biocompo IKBI900-min                                     biocompo IKBI900_aranz 03-min





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