Smart Gaia Dryer

Smart Gaia Dryer

The SMART edition of GAIA dryers is an automated dryer with capacity 100 kilos per day. The loading door is opened through code or card system and includes scaling of all waste inserted. The user inserts his code and the door opens. After loading the waste falls in the dryer and the rest of the process is fully automatic.



  • Measuring each bag’s weight
  • scale included, identifying each disposer (RFID card & password), saving disposing date, sending disposing data.
  • Easy to use in Hygiene manner. No need to separate food waste from plastic bag.
  • Reduction 80-95%
  • Machine is completely sealed, closed loop with no bad smells.
  • Automatic cleaning and discharging.
  • Recycling Zero Waste as the processed material is being used as animal feed/ferilizing/fuelraw material.
  • Remote control system controls all machines through internet such as receiving data, machine error etc.


Below you can watch this system in action in Seoul’s appartment complex.

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