Rocket Composter A500

Rocket Composter A500

The most popular model in the range of machines specifically designed for the safe and hygienic on-site processing of organic wastes.

From the most widespread models of mechanical composting Rocket A500 is our smallest system with capacity to manage up to 50 kg of biowaste per day. It is a frequent choice for the composting of biowaste in small tourist units, private schools and universities, while it can cover the needs of a small settlement.

Like all models ROCKET® has an automatic temperature recording system in 4 levels of the enclosure. This ensures excellent monitoring of the composting process. Below you can see the thermograph we receive from the logger.

Rocket Statistics

It has a dosing pump for the addition of water or other materials that help in composting. As in every composting unit it is necessary to have carbon in any form (sawdust, wood shavings, pellets, crushed wood, etc.). ).
Works with 220 V Supply and energy consumption is 26 KWh per week. Very low energy consumption is an important advantage over other technologies

Available as a mobile or stationary organic waste solution with the facility for temperature recording and robust construction ensuring longevity, the Rocket® range of food waste treatment systems are suitable for the on-site processing of:

  • Cooked & Uncooked Meat & Fish
  • Cooked & Uncooked Fruit & Vegetables
  • Garden Waste
  • Animal Waste (including some types of bedding)

Currently in operation at a wide range of sites throughout the UK, the A500 Rocket® is saving on expensive organic waste disposal costs for many organisations including:

  • University of Salford
  • National Library of Wales
  • Warwickshire County Council (schools)
  • Axa Sun Life Insurance
  • Montagu Arms Hotel


Size (mobile) Length 2.5m
Width 0.7m
Height 1.3m
Capacity 40 Litres of food waste per day
*Optional: Up to 100 litres per day (combined with Dehydra Dewaterer)
Motor 0.18kW
Power Requirement Single-phase 240-volt, one 13 or 16 amp plug socket
Average Power Consumption 12kWh+ per week
Heater Element 0.85kW – Thermostatically controlled
Temperature Recording Optional: 4 channel recorder and software
Air extraction Not required
Housing Requirement Min 3.5 x 2.5m Under cover on hard standing (non-porous)
Options Dehydra De-waterer package increases capacity to 900 litres per week.
Temperature datalogger and software – ideal for educational programmes and accurate reporting.Power sieve for refining end product increasing product usage.

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