Ecovrs was founded by Vekkos Cornelius-Andrianos  (Agriculture Biotechnologist from the Agricultural University of Athens) in order to provide solutions to organic-food waste management, for municipalities and large or small factories (hotels, farms, super markets, restaurants, hospitals, prisons, military units, schools, universities, airports etc.)

Categorizing the waste management in 3 categories (volume reduction, composting and energy from organic waste) proceeded to introduce new technologies in the Greek market and developing the expertise of these.

EcoVRS have the entire range  for management of organic waste, from a house up to a municipality or an entire island. We provide solutions for the management of most organic waste:

  • Food waste (raw or cooked)
  • Mixed organic waste from super markets.
  • garden waste and crop.
  • Rendering.
  • Animal waste from farms.
  • Waste fruit and vegetables.
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