Management of organic waste constitutes one of the biggest problems for all kind of businesses and politics. In our days its a big challenge for everyone. Management of the organic waste produced by the society reduces environmental pollution and creates an opportunity to produce useful quality products such as compost and biomass for energy production. In ECOVRS we are proud to present solutions for efficient management for all kind of organic waste in different ways such as volume reduction, composting, producing biomass or generating energy.


The obligations of municipalities in EU regarding waste management are increasing every year. By 2015 they must divert at least 5% of biowaste from landfill by separate collection at source and 10% by 2020. Recycling of packages must reach 50% by 2020 and we are still only at 10%.

In all of the above is added and the direction of EU waste management in small units in order to reduce the itineraries of garbage and consequently contamination caused.

Regarding the above ECOVRS pioneer introducing multiple solutions from household waste management till big units for communities use.


Greece is comprised of hundreds of small and large islands in which the management of organic waste is a major problem due to the limited space and because of the large variation in population during the summer months with the arrival of tourists.

The solution to this major problem affecting also tourism is the use of a composting facility that meets the needs of residents and for the additional production of organic waste by tourists ideal is considered the use of a dryer. The product produced will remain available on the island and will help to improve the soil and produce more and higher quality local products.

The produced compost is an ideal solution for addressing desertification of Greek islands. Organic matter contained in compost enriches the soil poverty giving life again and regeneration of local flora.


Universities, military units and hospitals include restaurants with great capacity and 2 to 3 meals per day. The production of organic waste from kitchens and restaurants is a huge source of organic waste.

Accelerated composting and drying are the ideal solutions for management of organic products to the source. The obtained products can be used in their production.

The role of the exploitation of biowaste  especially in schools is very important. The younger members of our society learn and recognize the value of composting and become environmentally aware citizens.


Proper management of organic waste to private companies is a comparative advantage over the competition. While very important is the value of it as a promotional weapon. Plus there are possibilities of using bio-waste for domestic hot water production with the DRAGON system.

Recyclables can become a business opportunity by separation and sale of them to recycling companies.

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