The role of bio-waste utilization especially in schools is very important. The younger members of our society learn and recognize the value of composting and become environmentally aware citizens. After a 10-year program in schools, this new generation of citizens is able to manage their own waste and to provide a solution to the society.

• Garden Composting

The ideal way to manage all your garden waste is composting. The compost produced is a soil conditioner for all green areas but mainly for the organic vegetable garden where materials used in the kitchen are produced. Garden composting bins work by the process of aerobic composting. In aerobic composting of green waste we essentially imitate and accelerate the process of nature to produce compost. The process will take about 3 months until the first product is ready.

• Composting with earthworms

These compost bins are basically based on earthworms. Earthworms eat and digest waste while simultaneously producing rich nitrogen compounds, which are suitable for plant fertilizer and nutrition, the so-called compost. This way 60% of the food waste can be recycled.

• In-Vessel Composting

Accelerated composting with ROCKET units is the ideal solution for the management of kitchen and garden waste and more specifically for restaurant in schools. All waste is converted to rich compost within 2 weeks with minimal energy consumption. Easy to use, clean process without unpleasant odors.

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