Composting bin for Schools King Wormery

Composting bin for Schools King Wormery

King Wormery compost bin is an innovative Greek compost bin for the management of organic vegetable waste. Designed and built with the aim of being the primary educational tool for schools.

The usual practice in the schools so far involved garden composting bins that required green garden waste to function properly. Feeding them with fruit vegetable residues usually resulted in nuisance through odors and flies.

King Wormery, like domestic wormery, relies on a colony of earthworms, which consume all the vegetable waste produced by the students, producing rich compost.

King Wormery is not only an excellent choice for schools but also for green corners in any neighborhood or Municipality.

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The construction of the bin is completed by the method of rotational moulding. This method ensures both product quality and environmental protection.

The bin includes a colony of 10,000 earthworms with a special substrate. Earthworms commonly known as Red Worms is not a common earthworm breed. It is an earthworm bearing the botanical name Lumbricus rubellus and can survive difficult and limited environmental conditions (breeding environment) and is the fastest growing and breeding species of farmed earthworm in the world.

The bin also includes illustration taped in the external walls, explaining the process of composting with earthworms.

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Material Polythene
Color White
Weight (kg) -kg (empty)
Base diameter -m
Top diameter 1.5m
Height 1.435m
Material input One lid at the top of the bin
Insulation Insulation 10mm thick that protects the earthworms from extreme temperatures
Ventilation Special interior ventilation system, the so called “lung”, with a 30 cm cross-section with holes in the bottom of the bucket for better air circulation
Worms Colony of 10.000 earthworms
Extra Illustration, taped in the external walls of the bin, explaining the composting process with earthworms
Advantages Easy to use, easy access, stable cylindrical shape for great stability, single-sided body without connections and need for assembly
Guaranty 3 years

Solidworks assembly ΦΩΤΟ 2Solidworks assembly ΦΩΤΟ 3Solidworks assembly ΦΩΤΟ 1Solidworks assembly ΦΩΤΟ 4


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