Plastic Compost Aeration tool

Plastic Compost Aeration tool

The proper aeration of compost in all domestic composting systems is necessary for the reassurance correct process.

The aeration compost tool – aeration tool from ECOVRS has a handle for ease use. The tip of the aerator is composed of 2 folding fins which fold when inserting the Tool to the pile and open when extracting the tool from the pile.

With the opening of the fins when extracting the aerator from the compost, the fins “cut” the pile creating oxygen cavities.

This way of ventilation does not stir old with new ingredients and reduces the risk of contamination of ripe compost with fresh ingredients from the top of the bin.


  • The compost aeration is very easy just insert the tool and pull it back out.
  • High durability plastic body
  • Fins that fold
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