Rocket Composter B2500

Rocket Composter B2500

In vessel composting plant 5-7 tons/day.

The B2500 Rocket Composter has been uniquely designed and patented.The system comprises of a “Double U” shaped hull with twin longitudinal shaft configuration.This unique arrangement allows much greater mixing of materials which in turn leads to a more uniform degradation.The design also then impacts on running costs and maintenance as we are able to provide a system with no internal support mechanisms for the shafts.

douple U

Composting process

  • Woody / sewage wastes are shredded and mixed together
  • A wheeled loader or similar will be needed to mix / load the wastes
  • A heavy duty shredder may be required depending on the woody wastes provided
  • The operator will need to be trained on equipment but also in the management of the incoming feedstock and what requires / does not require mixing and shredding
  • The mixed sewage / wood are loaded by operator into a bulk feed / loading hopper
  • The loading hopper belt feeds directly into the composting unit
  • The feed rate is 24/7 and determined by the software governing the composting vessel, the system will “feed itself” throughout the day without manual operator intervention
  • The main hopper may need filling only once or twice per day
  • The Vessel is a continual process system, loaded with wastes daily that gradually process along the unit, being pushed by the weight of the fresh incoming wastes while the shafts agitate the mix
  • The material will reduce by weight byc:40% in the process and material that has resided for c:8 days will be automatically ejected by screw discharge onto a belt and into a stockpile
  • All this is PLC Controlled
  • The vessel is linked to odour control system
  • The vessel is equipped with air injection and air extraction
  • The daily compost product will be c:2tonne per composting vessel this will need moving x 2 by loading shovel to maturation bays
  • After c: 2 week stabilising the compost will be moved into a second adjacent maturation bay
  • After a further 2 weeks the product can be refined further before re-use
  • Screening equipment will be required / trommel
  • Operator training will be required
  • Screening will be x 1 every 2 weeks


Why use B2500?

  • High temperatures (+60DegC) achieved to ensure pathogen kill
  • Minimal footprint for equipment – minimal building space required
  • Minimal labour requirements – low operator interaction with equipment
  • Enclosed process – no attraction to birds / vermin
  • Bio-filtration on site – vented gases are processed through special organic medium to control / eliminate odours
  • Simple monitoring of process / adaption of process from “desktop”
  • Recognised / regulated technology in Europe for the treating of organic wastes
  • Produces sterile biologically degraded material that can be used as compost / soil improver

B2500 2


Size (mobile) Length 10000mm
Width 4000mm
Height 2500mm
Capacity 6-7 tn per day
Motor 2*11 kW
Power Requirement Three-phase 415-volt, 2*50 amp
Average Power Consumption 43 kWh per day with air handling
Heater Element optional
Temperature Recording 8 channel recorder and software
Air extraction & Ventilation Included
Housing Requirement Hard standing (non-porous)
Options Air injection, biofiltration, odour management, pre – shredder, loading hopper, end product screening.

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