LFC Biodigester 1000

LFC Biodigester 1000

The LFC is a fully enclosed automatic food waste machine that disposes of most food matter within 24 hours. Once it is installed, you can add waste food at any time and only decomposed food is discharged into the waste water.

Water is injected into the machine to maintain equilibrium for the microorganisms, to rapidly decompose the food, and to flush decomposed material out of the machine. A rotating arm inside the machine slowly churns the waste food to constantly mix the old food, new food, oxygen, and micro-­organisms to enhance the decomposing function.

The machine can be thought of as a bio-digester in which the microorganisms are digesting the organic material.

The LFC uses a series of processes in which micro­organisms break down biodegradable material in the presence of oxygen. The environment of the LFC, with our proprietary mixture of microbes and enzymes, accelerates the digestion of most food products and bio-plastics within 24 hours. The output is grey water that is environmentally safe. You can discharge this down the drain or use it to enrich your landscape.

Key Features:

  • Decomposes waste food at your facility
  • Food is decomposed within 24 hours
  • Continuous process permits food to be added any time and machine doesn’t need emptying
  • Discharge from machine is safe to enter sewage system
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Connects to the cloud so statistics on usage, diagnostics, and service schedules can be monitored remotely
  • Simple and safe operation without odors


  • Greatly reduces costs to dispose of waste food Reduces size, quantity, and smells of trash bins
  • Eliminates flies and rodents that may be attracted to garbage bins containing waste food
  • Key element in making a facility have zero waste
  • Weight of waste is continuously monitored and reported — shows statistics on usage and waste food digested
  • Weigh and dispose of waste food in one machine
  • Easily report CO2 equivalent diverted from landfill



Dimensions(cm) 261 x 145 x 178 cm
Capacity (kg) 1000kg
Weight (kg) 1330kg (empty)
Water input (Lt) 3000Lt / day
AC Supply 208V 60Hz 30A 3-phase
Energy 25.3KWh / day
User interface 22 mm 3-color LED 7” touchscreen & WiFi connection
Operating environment Indoors or covered patio
Powerzyme 10Lt (included with initial purchase)
Powerchips 1000Lt (included with initial purchase)
Warranty 3 years
Operating lifetime 15 to 25 years



The LFC Biodigester is also available in capacities of 2000, 3000 and 5000 kg.


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