Green corner Modul

Green corner Modul


With modular Modul Bin Shelter can be built in different sizes of recycling combinations. It can be used with all the commonly known waste bin models. Within a single container can accommodate two 240/360 l or one 660 l trash can. We have also taken into account the fire safety of waste collection points and Modul 1 model is also available as an fire-isolated version. The inside of the bin shelter is lined with A1 category non-combustible fireproof panels.


With The Finbin® Modul can built stylish waste collection points for residential houses and commercial real estate courtyard areas.


Models Modul 1 Modul XL Modul Maxi
Dimensions (H-W-D) 1700 x 1100 x 1530mm  1700x1100x2050mm  1820x1530x1900mm
Capacity in wheelie bins (Lt)  1x660Lt or 2×240/360Lt  3x240Lt ή 1×240+660Lt  2x660Lt
Material Powder coated aluminum steel / powder coated aluminum or painted wood
Material thickness 1,25/2 mm
Colours Upon request

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