Recycling bin Envirobin HUB with 4 streams

Recycling bin Envirobin HUB with 4 streams

As demand for recycling segregation at source increases we introduce a new suite of smart, stylish recycling bins that accommodate up to four individual waste streams. The Envirobin Hub basically consists of 2 bins, the Envirobin 100 and the Enviropod.

  • Suitable for internal use
  • Slimline, compact and space saving design
  • Ideal for low, medium or heavy waste recycling
  • Use individually or in a group
  • Optional apertures available for both Enviropod 33 and 43 and Envirobin 100
  • WRAP colour coded apertures and graphics included as standard
  • Strong, durable and lightweight
  • Fixing kits included

Hub 166 (Open 33Lt, Split 100Lt, Slot 33Lt)

EnviroHub 100 Split, 33 and 33 pod 330χ660


Models  Hub 166 Hub 176 Hub 186
Capacity (Lt)  166Lt (33&33&100)  176Lt (33&43&100) 186Lt (43&43&100)
Dimensions Enviropod 33 (H-W-D) 594 x 359 x 274mm  594 x 359 x 274mm -
Dimensions Enviropod 43 (H-W-D) - 753 x 359 x 283mm 753 x 359 x 283mm
Dimensions Envirobin 100 (H-W-D)  803 x 445 x 445mm 803 x 445 x 445mm 803 x 445 x 445mm
Material UV stabilised medium density moulded polyethylene (MDPE)
Label Included
Available appertures for Envirobin 100 Open, hole, slot, propeller, lift lid, flip top, hooded, cup, cupXL
Available appertures for Enviropod 33/43 Open, slot, propeller

Hub 176 (Open 43Lt, Split 100Lt, Slot 33Lt)             Hub 186 (Open 43Lt, Split 100Lt, Slot 43Lt)

EnviroHub 100 Split Open, 33 and 43 podsEnviro Hub 100 Split Open_43 and 43 pods

Available colors:

The colors shown below are available for the lids and the base of the bin.

Colour options_1

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