Bottle Crusher BB09

Bottle Crusher BB09

The BB09 is a stand-alone, high capacity glass bottle crusher or glass breaker designed to save hospitality businesses on their overall costs of waste glass disposal. The BB09 is designed to stand in the bar area & allow staff to crush waste glass bottles as the bottles are poured or as they are returned from the floor. The crushed glass is held in a 140 Litre bin holding up to 680 bottles equivalent of crushed glass.


  • BB09 reduces glass bottle volume by 5:1 or 80%
  • Reduces space required for storage of waste glass in the bar area
  • Reduces number of waste glass storage bins => frees up space in the bar
  • Reduces staff time required for managing waste glass bottles in the bar area
  • 84% of Crushed Glass (Cullet) is 8mm or above => cullet produced by the BB09 is recyclable into new bottles
  • Economical footprint allows machine to stand discretely in bar area
  • Crushed glass from BB09 is collected in 140 Litre Bin holding equivalent to 680 bottles of crushed glass
  • The BB09 will crush bottles with maximum dimensions of 10cms (W) x 30cms (H) or a volume of ~1000ml
  • Operating Noise is 68dB – operating noise level of the BB09 is similar to a bar glass washing machine
  • The bottle crushing mechanism is inaccessible from bottle chute – eliminates risk of operator injury
  • Large 580mm (W) x 1107mm (H) bottom door can be vinyl wrapped providing ambient advertising opportunity

Pel-BB09-2 Pel-BB09-1


  • Height       1700mm
  • Width         600mm
  • Depth         600mm
  • Noise          65 db
  • Power         220V
  • CE certified, ISO 9001
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