Solar Bin Galway - 2

Galway City Council has installed fifty (50) solar powered IoT SolarStreetBin™ litter bins from PEL Waste Reduction Equipment as a follow-up to a successful six-month trial of IoT litter bin technology in 2018.

Solar Bin Galway - 1

Galway City Council have completed the installation of fifty SolarStreetBin™ litter bins in a bid to fight the mounting volumes of litter across the city. The bins, commissioned after a successful extended trial in 2018, hold up to ten times the quantity of litter compared to a standard bin. The SolarStreetBin™ litter bins are equipped with a sensor and communications technology which notifies the Council when the bin is full. This high-technology solution will increase the efficiency of litter collections whilst at the same time reducing collections traffic and its associated emissions and ultimately deliver cleaner streets for the citizens and visitors to Galway City.

Solar Bin Galway - 4