Green and Food waste is energy! Lets don’t waste the opportunity.

Properly manage organic moil of our Company or the Community to benefit you and the environment

Volume Reduction

Reducing the volume of waste is the first step in waste management. The reduction is achieved by either dewatering mechanisms or drying mechanisms, thereby reducing the volume and weight of up to 90%. The final product can continue its path through the compost production or become fuel for energy production.

In-Vessel Composting

Accelerated Composting with ROCKET units is the ideal solution for the management of kitchen and garden waste. All waste including animal waste convertes into rich compost in just 2 weeks with minimum energy consumption. Easy to use, clean process with no unpleasant odors.

Energy from Waste

Producing energy from waste is the most efficient way of managing waste. So we produce electricity and hot water from used oils or produce biomass fuel from waste food.