Recycling bin FinBin Wave Series

Recycling bin FinBin Wave Series

The FinBin Series has been designed especially for the collection of different waste fractions in public premises such as hotels, offices, shopping malls, airports, and more.

They have distinctive designs, depending on the need and aesthetics of the client.

finbin_wave-triple_terminal  20190603_070050461_iOS  finbin_wave-triple_lid

Wave Series

  • 2 styles to choose from
  • Suitable for internal or external use
  • Ideal for a wide range of waste recycling solutions
  • Single, double or triple styles available
  • Open top bin with optional arched covers, aperture masks or recycling labels
  • Hinged lid and pivoted bag frame as standard
  • Optional extra; WRAP compliant colour coded graphics
  • Optional extra; aperture mask
  • Optional extra; arched cover



Models Wave Double Wave Triple
Dimensions (H-W-D) 780x900x410mm 780x1120x410mm
Capacity (Lt) 2x100Lt 3x100Lt
Material Galvannealed steel*
Liner Sack retention only
Arched cover Optional
Aperture mask Optional
Recycling labels Optional

*The material used for the construction of FinBins is Galvannealed steel. Galvannealed steel goes through additional processing which vastly improves its formability and paint adhesion, as opposed to galvanized steel. In general galvannealed steel:

  • has longer life of painted products
  • more efficient forming and punching
  • reduced welding costs
  • good corrosion resistance

The process of making :  


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