Tiger Wormery

Tiger Wormery

Made from Recycled Plastic, our bestselling Tiger Wormery comes with everything you need to get worm composting and now even more with the addition of 1 Kg Worm ‘Treats’ at no extra cost. It is available in three colours – British Racing Green, Black or Classic Terracotta in  4 tray variant. Full instructions are provided for easy operation and we’re at the end of a freephone call should you ever need us.

Which should I get?
The 3-Tray version is our bestseller as it is suitable for a family to use. The 4-Tray version will cope with roughly the same amount of waste but allow you to leave it longer before you need to empty the compost out out of the bottom tray (while you fill the 4th tray). The 2-Tray version is only really suitable for 1-2 people to use as the compost in the 1st tray may not be fully composted by the time you have filled the 2nd. Extra trays are always available separately.

Width and Depth: 16″/41cm
Height: 12″/30cm (2-Tray), 14″/36cm (3-Tray), 17″/43cm (4-Tray)

TigerWormeryTerracotta TigerWormeryBlack


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