Next Gen Room Dividers

Next Gen Room Dividers

Next Gen Room Dividers are the perfect solution to divide spaces or decorate walls.

Some information for the Room Dividers:

  • For indoor use
  • Easy to install
  • The easiest to plant and change
  • Works with hydro and soil plants (12 or 14cm) in their original pots
  • Easy to maintain
  • 4 week watering cycle
  • Available as double or single-sided
  • Two different sizes available 55cm or 104cm wide

NextGen-Living-Walls-Room-divider-30 NextGen-Living-Walls-Room-divider-33


NGRDS-1S Room divider Small one-sided 55 x 57 x 170 cm
NGRDS-2S Room divider Small two-sided 55 x 57 x 170 cm
NGRD-1S Room divider one-sided 104 x 57 x 170 cm
NGRD-2S Room divider two-sided 104 x 57 x 170 cm

Screenshot 2022-02-28 122352

NextGen-Living-Walls-Room-divider-25 NextGen-Living-Walls-Room-divider-29

nextgen-living-walls-room_divider-26 nextgen-living-walls-room_divider-23

Screenshot 2022-02-28 122721

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